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WireBox Visualizer

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WireBox Visualizer

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This module creates a nifty visual representation of all the CFCs in your application that WireBox manages as well as what they have injected into them.


install wirebox-visualizer --saveDev

Next, reinitialize your application to pick up the new module.


In order to view the visualizer, hit your app at this route:


I don't see all my CFCs

The data is loaded from all of the mappings that WireBox has loaded at the time you hit the page. That means any CFCs explicitly mapped on app startup will automatically show up. However, if you have a transient CFC that is not explicitly mapped but looked up via scan location on demand, you'll need to hit the part of your app that loads that CFC before the WireBox Visualizer will be able to display it. This is due to how WireBox lazy loads mappings that are found via scan locations or ad-hoc CFC creations.

Not for production

This module is meant for development use only. It could expose information about your application so don't deploy it to production.
That's why we recommend using the --saveDev flag shown above so it doesn't get deployed on production. See our docs on production installs:



  • Create first module version

$ box install wirebox-visualizer

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