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A version of whoops is now included in ColdBox 6. All issues for the ColdBox 6 version of whoops should be reported to the ColdBox project. Additionally, whoops is in maintenance mode and intended just for ColdBox 5 and earlier projects.

Interactive debugger for exceptions in CFML

Blatantly copied from (Thank you!)


box install whoops --saveDev


The module will register itself as the customErrorTemplate regardless of the environment. For this reason, make sure you install whoops as a devDependency.

Alternatively, you can manually set your coldbox.customErrorTemplate to the path to /whoops/views/whoops.cfm from your application root.

coldbox.customErrorTemplate = "/modules/whoops/views/whoops.cfm";

You can open files in your editor directly from the Whoops template by setting a WHOOPS_EDITOR environment variable. Here are the allowed values:

  • vscode
  • vscode-insiders
  • sublime
  • textmate
  • emacs
  • macvim
  • idea
  • atom
  • espresso

When setting a valid editor, an "Open" button will appear next to the active stacktrace pane.

If you'd like to add an editor, please open a Pull Request adding your editor's url scheme to the top of views/whoops.cfm.

$ box install whoops

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