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Urlbox Screenshots

v1.1.0 Modules


Quickly generate screenshots using the screenshot-as-a-service API.

This project follows the example of the official Urlbox node and php repositories and generates the Urlbox urls, but does not actually make the request for the screenshot.

Signup at to get your API key and secret.


You can install this project with CommandBox:

box install urlbox-screenshots

Alternatively, you can copy the models/urlbox.cfc file into your project.


// Get your API key and secret from
urlbox = new models.urlbox(YOUR_API_KEY, YOUR_API_SECRET);

// See all urlbox screenshot options at
url = '';
options = {
  thumb_width: 600,
  format: 'jpg',
  quality: 80

imgUrl = urlbox.buildUrl( url, options );

Now stick that url in an img tag to render the screenshot!

Urlbox Screenshot of

Available options can be found here:

$ box install urlbox-screenshots

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