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A simple templating tool for Coldbox apps


Tools like Bootstrap make it easy to create user interfaces which are responsive, consistent and so on. However, you still need to get the HTML and class names correct which means referencing the web site, perhaps copying and pasting and so on. This is fine but if you're more at home with JSON than CSS, this time spent can feel like diving into another language.

UIME components accept a JSON object with some required keys and return the boiler plate HTML from the Bootstrap 5 library. This is by no means complete but I'll flesh it out as needed. PRs welcome. :)

Each component accepts the basic data that it needs to create its element as well as an id and class list to be added to the top element.


The Accordian control located at Each item should include:

  • label: string
  • html: an html string to be in the panel

Class: uimeAccordian

Button Group

Creates a button group as seen at

arguments data - an array of structs. Each item needs: - label - action - The name of the JS function to call - submitValue - the value to submit to the action function or - click - the entire JS which should be called when the button is clicked - class - choice of primary, secondary, success, danger, warning, info, light, dark, link. Defaults to primary

class: uimeButtonGroup

Equal Columns

Create a row with equallly spaced columns in side of it. arguments: data - An array with each index being an html string id - an optional id classes- an option space delimited list of classes to add to the row div

class: uimeRow uimeEqualRow


Creates a select control as seen at

arguments: data: an array of structs. - name - required. The name of the select for the form submission - value - the preselected value of the control - id - options - classes - classes applied to the select - options - an array of structs representing the options - label - value - classes

class: uimeSelect uimeOption


Creates a tabbed panel as seen at

arguments tabData -

Change Log

0.0.5 - Added suppport for Table 0.0.4 0.0.3 - Added the openState parameter to accordian to start all open ("open"), first one open ("first") or all closed (anything including blank) 0.0.2 - Added documentation and id / class functionality for existing components; Added BaseUIME component 0.0.1 - Initial Commit

$ box install uime

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