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This module is a CFML SDK to interact with the Twilio API


Apache License, Version 2.0.




  • Lucee 4.5+
  • Adobe ColdFusion 11+


Configure your Twilio credentials in the config/ColdBox.cfc file.

moduleSettings = {
    "twilio-sdk" = {
        accountSID = "",
        authToken = ""



Look up information about a phone number. Returns a configured HyperRequest instance.

phoneNumberStringtrueThe phone number to look up
withCallerNameBooleanfalsefalseShould caller information be included in the response. (This costs extra.)
addonsArrayfalse[]An optional array of addons to process and include in the response. (This may cost extra.)


Send an sms message. Returns a configured HyperRequest instance.

toStringtrueThe phone number the sms is going to.
fromStringtrueThe phone number the sms is from. This must be a valid Twilio number.
bodyStringtrueThe body of the sms message.

Hyper Integration

The Twilio SDK uses the Hyper HTTP Client under the hood. This entire power is exposed to you.

All methods on the Twilio SDK return a HyperRequest instance. This instance can be immediately executed by calling send, or it can be configured further.

The following is an example of creating an SMS message but then overriding the default URL to allow for subaccount billing.

var req = twilioClient
  .sms( from = "+15005550006", to = "+18015550005", body = "Testing 123" )
  .setUrl( "/Accounts/#subAccountSID#/Messages.json" )

Additionally, you may call any HyperRequest method on the TwilioSDK and a new request will be created, your method called, and the result returned to you.

Hyper is so powerful in this case because it can be pre-configured with common values. This is done for your in the ModuleConfig.cfc: "[email protected]" )
    .to( "hyper.models.HyperBuilder" )
        username = settings.accountSID,
        password = settings.authToken,
        baseURL = "",
        bodyFormat = "formFields",
        headers = {
            "Content-Type" = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"

Because of Hyper, you don't have to specify those parameters every request. ?

Non-ColdBox App

In a non-ColdBox application, you'll need to initialize the models and settings yourself, like so:

var hyperClient = new Hyper.models.HyperBuilder(
    username = accountSID,
    password = authToken,
    baseURL = "",
    bodyFormat = "formFields",
    headers = {
        "Content-Type" = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"

// store in some sort of singleton scope
application.twilioClient = new twilio-sdk.models.TwilioClient();
application.twilioClient.setAccountSID( accountSID );
application.twilioClient.setHyperClient( hyperClient );

// use as normal
var lookupInfo = application.twilioClient.lookupPhoneNumber( "415-701-2311" );
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