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TestBox Snapshots

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Use snapshot testing to easily prevent regressions in TestBox

Snapshot testing was recently popularized by Facebook's Jest testing framework for Javascript. The idea is that rather than test a specific return value, we test against a regression in a return value.

Adding the Matcher

To add the matcher, pass in the path to the SnapshotMatchers.cfc file in your beforeAll method:

component extends="testbox.system.BaseSpec" {

    function beforeAll() {
        addMatchers( "testbox-snapshots.SnapshotMatchers" );


Matching Snapshots

Any value can be used with the new matcher toMatchSnapshot():

function run() {
    describe( "my spec", function() {
        it( "matches a snapshot", function() {
            expect( {
                name = "Eric",
                job = "Web Developer"
            } ).toMatchSnapshot();
        } );
    } );

It is automatically converted behind the scenes to either XML or JSON. The XML format intelligently ignores whitespace making it perfect for HTML snapshots.

Snapshots are stored by a combination of file name, suite name, and spec name. If any of those change, the snapshot will need to be updated.

Multiple snapshots can be stored in a single spec. In this case, the order of the snapshots matters and is used to distinguish the snapshots.

Please note, there is no notToMatchSnapshot matcher.

Snapshot Location

By default, snapshots are stored in /tests/resources/snapshots. You can override this directly by passing in a snapshotDirectory to the toMatchSnapshot matcher.

expect( users ).toMatchSnapshot(
    snapshotDirectory = expandPath( "/my/custom/path/to/snapshots" )

When using this feature, make sure to use named parameters and an absolute path.

Updating Snapshots

To create an inital snapshot or to update a snapshot, the url flag updateSnapshots must be passed.

Take care! Snapshots will be updated for all ran tests with this url flag. Make sure you are only running the tests you want to update before adding the flag.

Any tests that update a snapshot will pass that matcher.


If you would like a more targeted diff output, add the following line to your tests/Application.cfc:

this.javaSettings = { loadPaths = [ "testbox-snapshots/lib" ], reloadOnChange = false };

This adds a Java library that will provide a more targeted diff than otherwise is possible. If this line is not included, the package will fall back to showing the entire contents.

Blog Posts

Check out this great introduction to Approval Testing with testbox-snapshots by Jason Steinshouer.

$ box install testbox-snapshots

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