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Amazon SNS SDK

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Welcome to the Amazon SNS SDK

This SDK allows you to add Amazon SNS capabilities to your ColdFusion (CFML) applications. It is also a ColdBox Module, so if you are using ColdBox, you get auto-registration and much more.



This SDK can be installed as standalone or as a ColdBox Module. Either approach requires a simple CommandBox command:

box install snssdk

Then follow either the standalone or module instructions below.


This SDK will be installed into a directory called snssdk and then the SDK can be instantiated via new snssdk.models.AmazonSNS() with the following constructor arguments:

<cfargument name="accessKey" 			required="true">
<cfargument name="secretKey" 			required="true">
<cfargument name="encryption_charset" 	required="false" default="utf-8">
<cfargument name="ssl" 					required="false" default="false">
<cfargument name="defaultRegionName		required="false" default="us-east-1",
<cfargument name="defaultServiceName 	required="false" default="sns",
<cfargument name="signatureAlgorithm 	required="false" default="AWS4-HMAC-SHA256",
<cfargument name="hashAlorithm 			required="false" default="SHA256"

ColdBox Module

This package also is a ColdBox module as well. The module can be configured by creating a snssdk structure in the variables.moduleSettings configuration area of your config/ColdBox.cfc with the following settings:

snssdk = {
	// Your amazon access key
	accessKey = "",
	// Your amazon secret key
	secretKey = "",
	// The default encryption character set
	encryption_charset = "utf-8",
	// SSL mode or not on cfhttp calls.
	ssl = false
	defaultRegionName = "us-east-1",
	defaultServiceName = "sns",
	signatureAlgorithm = "AWS4-HMAC-SHA256",
	hashAlorithm = "SHA256"

Then you can leverage the SDK CFC via the WireBox ID: AmazonSNS@snssdk


Please check out the included API Docs to see all the methods available to you using our SNS SDK or visit them online at



  • Updated build process
  • ACF Compatibilties
  • Test harness
  • Updated settings using moduleSettings since ColdBox version 4.3.0


  • Initial Version

$ box install snssdk

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