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Amazon SNS SDK

v1.0.0+11 Public

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Welcome to the Amazon SNS SDK

This SDK allows you to add Amazon SNS capabilities to your ColdFusion (CFML) applications. It is also a ColdBox Module, so if you are using ColdBox, you get auto-registration and much more.


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This SDK can be installed as standalone or as a ColdBox Module. Either approach requires a simple CommandBox command:

box install snssdk

Then follow either the standalone or module instructions below.


This SDK will be installed into a directory called snssdk and then the SDK can be instantiated via new snssdk.models.AmazonSNS() with the following constructor arguments:

<cfargument name="accessKey" 			required="true">
<cfargument name="secretKey" 			required="true">
<cfargument name="encryption_charset" 	required="false" default="utf-8">
<cfargument name="ssl" 					required="false" default="false">
<cfargument name="defaultRegionName		required="false" default="us-east-1",
<cfargument name="defaultServiceName 	required="false" default="sns",
<cfargument name="signatureAlgorithm 	required="false" default="AWS4-HMAC-SHA256",
<cfargument name="hashAlorithm 			required="false" default="SHA256"

ColdBox Module

This package also is a ColdBox module as well. The module can be configured by creating a snssdk structure in the variables.moduleSettings configuration area of your config/ColdBox.cfc with the following settings:

snssdk = {
	// Your amazon access key
	accessKey = "",
	// Your amazon secret key
	secretKey = "",
	// The default encryption character set
	encryption_charset = "utf-8",
	// SSL mode or not on cfhttp calls.
	ssl = false
	defaultRegionName = "us-east-1",
	defaultServiceName = "sns",
	signatureAlgorithm = "AWS4-HMAC-SHA256",
	hashAlorithm = "SHA256"

Then you can leverage the SDK CFC via the WireBox ID: [email protected]


Please check out the included API Docs to see all the methods available to you using our SNS SDK or visit them online at



  • Updated build process
  • ACF Compatibilties
  • Test harness
  • Updated settings using moduleSettings since ColdBox version 4.3.0


  • Initial Version

Here are all the versions for this package. Please note that you can leverage CommandBox package versioning to install any package you like. Please refer to our managing package version guide for more information.

Version Created Last Update Published By Stable Actions
1.1.0-snapshot Sep 06 2018 01:54 PM Sep 06 2018 01:54 PM
Version History
1.0.0+11 Sep 06 2018 01:54 PM Sep 06 2018 01:54 PM
1.0.0-snapshot Sep 05 2018 04:37 PM Sep 05 2018 04:37 PM
0.0.3 Sep 14 2017 06:09 PM Sep 14 2017 06:09 PM


$ box install snssdk

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