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Sendgrid SDK

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An API for interacting with SendGrid, including sending emails, validating email addresses, and receiving webhooks

Email Validation

Leverage the SendGrid API to validate email addresses. SendGrid will provide a validation result, score, and test results to help you determine the validity of an email address.


Configure your SendGrid API key credentials in the config/ColdBox.cfc file.

Note: SendGrid uses a Bearer API token header for authentication with their API. The SendGrid API Keys can have different permissions granted and email address validation is typically seperate from all other permission sets.

moduleSettings = {
    "sendgrid-sdk" = {
        emailValidationAPIKey = ""



Validate the provided email address. Returns a configured HyperRequest instance.

emailStringtrue The email address to validate
sourceStringfalse An optional text string that identifies the source of the email address


Easily listen to webhooks using this module. Simply point Sendgrid to https://<your-server>/sendgrid/webhooks and this module will translate all Sendgrid events to ColdBox interceptors.

The following are the interceptors that are created and the Sendgrid event they correspond with:

  • onSendgridEventProcessed => processed
  • onSendgridEventDropped => dropped
  • onSendgridEventDelivered => delivered
  • onSendgridEventDeferred => deferred
  • onSendgridEventBounce => bounce
  • onSendgridEventOpen => open
  • onSendgridEventClick => click
  • onSendgridEventSpamreport => spamreport
  • onSendgridEventUnsubscribe => unsubscribe
  • onSendgridEventGroupUnsubscribe => group_unsubscribe
  • onSendgridEventGroupResubscribe => group_resubscribe

The interceptData is the data sent from Sendgrid.

Basic Authentication

SendGrid supports basic authentication when calling your webhook. To set this up, provide a username and password in your moduleSettings:

moduleSettings = {
    "sendgrid-sdk" = {
        "username" = "foo",
        "password" = "bar"

Note: if you only a username or a password, sendgrid-sdk will return a 500 error.


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$ box install sendgrid-sdk

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