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Route Auditor

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Route Auditor


This module is a simple interceptor which captures the event being run based on the route that was hit in your API and persists it to a database with the date, time and endpoint hit.


There are 3 properties to configure:

"routeAuditor": { "datasource":"", "dataTable":"routedEvents", "active": true }

Data will only capture when all three properties are set and will fail silently with only a message to the console as an announcement in order to prevent any possibility of this logging tool to interfere with operation of the site.

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Change Log

1.0.0 - Added support to save the verb from the submitted request. Note: There is a migration in this version to add the new column "verb" to the routedEvents table. 0.0.4 - fixed error in migration. 0.0.3 - Added the routedRoute column and changed the route column to record the route listed in the router 0.0.2 - Amended code and migration to accomodate a header called "appCode" to track from where the call comes. 0.0.1 - Initial Release.

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$ box install route_auditor

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