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What is Relax? ColdBox Relax is a set of RESTful tools for lazy experts. We pride ourselves in helping developers work smarter and of course document more in less time by providing them the necessary tools to automagically document and test. ColdBox Relax is a way to describe RESTful web services, test RESTful web services, monitor RESTful web services and document RESTful web services.

ColdBox Relax - RESTFul Tools For Lazy Experts from Luis Majano on Vimeo.

Download the Relax module and drop into your ColdBox modules folder. Start your app and visit the relax entry point:


## 2.2.0
* [RELAX-22] - Updated build scripts for using DocBox
* [RELAX-23] - Travis CI integration for tests
* [RELAX-24] - Update of all dependencies of the shell tester
* [RELAX-21] - Update StringBuffer to StringBuilders
* [RELAX-4] - Remove dependency on sessions
* [RELAX-12] - Sample API is excluded
* [RELAX-20] - The Resource URL changes for every code change, updated internal hash to pattern hash
* [RELAX-1] - Implement display and DSLDoc modeling modifications to the Relax module
* [RELAX-17] - Make test shell full URL rewritable
* [RELAX-18] - Ability to view resource details from doc viewer

## 2.1.0
* Updates on box.json and locations
* Updated readme
* Updated full skin assets
* Included sample resources in build
* Navigation fixes
* Module Standalone route generation

## 2.0.1
* Fixed resource headers, as they are not showing

## 2.0.0


  •   Luis Majano
  • 2.2.0 is the latest of 1 release(s)
  • Published on Jan 20 2017 09:21 AM
  • Apache2 Licensed on OSI-approved terms
box install relax

Add the following to your dependencies or devdependencies objects in your box.json, so CommandBox can track it as a dependency.

"relax" : "stable"
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