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v1.6.0 Logging


Raygun Crash Reporting client for CFML.

Current Version: 1.6.0 (November 23 2023)


  • Testbox (for running unit and BDD tests only)

Library organisation

/src contains the source code. The package structure is but the library's components themselves are independent of the package path. Therefore you can use the library in multiple ways:

  • Put the content of /src into your webroot and instantiate RaygunClient through something like the following:

    raygun = createObject("component","").init(
        apiKey = "YOURAPIKEYHERE"
  • Put the contents of /src into any other place of your choice and create a mapping to /nz in your server administrator or through code and then use the instantiation code as above.

  • Put the contents of the raygun4cfml directory into a place of your choice where your CFML has some sort of a mapping pointing towards and and just instantiate RaygunClient like this:

    raygun = createObject("component","RaygunClient").init(
        apiKey = "YOURAPIKEYHERE"

/samples contains a set of files that show how the library can be used in your code through a global error handler as well as a contributed example for ColdBox 3.6

/tests contains manual tests and more samples as well as a structure (but no tests at this stage) for Testbox unit and BDD tests.

Getting and Using raygun4cfml

Option 1 (preferred):

Use Commandbox and Forgebox to get the library and then follow the ideas outlined in 'Library organisation' for further setup.

To get the latest from the master repository

box install raygun4cfml 

To install a specific release or tag:

box install git://{tagname}

Example tag names are 1.1.0,, etc. Please check the list of tags on Github. Be aware that if you install any tag from before I introduced support for Commandbox and Forgebox there won't be a box.json file and therefore Commandbox will give you a warning as well as there won't be any dependency management for such an installation of the library.

Shortcut for the above:

box install MindscapeHQ/raygun4cfml#{tagname}

To get the latest from my development repository (be warned, this might contain all sorts of untested code):

box install TheRealAgentK/raygun4cfml

Option 2:

Fork and clone the repo to your local system. Move the src/test directories into places of your choice and suitable for your system and follow the ideas outlined in 'Library organisation'.

Option 3:

Download a zip file containing the current content of the repo or a release/tag of your choice. Unzip the resulting file. Move the src/test directories into places of your choice and suitable for your system and follow the ideas outlined in 'Library organisation'.


(1) Options 2 and 3 will not fulfill any necessary dependencies, you're on your own.

Version History

See for further information.

General Notes

(1) All releases onwards from will break your code if you've used 0.4 and older before and have used customRequestData.

(2) If you are using the ACF Administrator setting: "Prefix serialized JSON with..." with anything else but the default prefix of //, the library will not work.

(3) Version 1.1.0 and newer will not work on Adobe ColdFusion 8 and most likely not on Railo 3 (the latter not tested).

How to contribute

Note: Please be aware that raygun4cfml is not an official Raygun library and not maintained by Raygun stuff. See LICENSE for more details.

The main repository of this project is Please fork from there, create a local develop or feature branch and merge changes back to your local master branch to submit a pull request. Even better, get in touch with me on Twitter (@AgentK) or here on Github before you undertake any work so that it can be coordinated with what I'm doing.

Most of the active development happens in my own fork: - feel free to peek around in there.

Install this module and follow the guidelines in as well as in /samples and /tests/test_manual


1.6.0 (November 23 2023)

  • Fixed issue in RaygunExceptionMessage on recent version of ACF
  • Changed content/sensitivity filter behaviour. It now runs just before data is being send to RG and filters against the full pre-send payload and not just URL/FORM scopes.

1.5.0 (November 14 2022)

  • Added .sendAsync() entry point wrapping the HTTP call into its own thread.
  • Regorganisation of code in RaygunClient
  • Improving handling of getHTTPRequestData in RaygunRequestMessage
  • Changed HTTP endpoint to .com
  • Supports groupingKey now

1.4.0 (May 24 2022)

  • Supporting stack traces where certain elements (like TagContext) don't exist
  • Support for specifc Java strack traces stemming from asynchronous handling

1.3.1 (Jul 26 2021)

  • Physical memory tracking again under certain conditions, provided the underlying Java code is available on the JVM (modules opened up).

1.3.0 (Jul 21 2021)

  • Raygun4CFML is now tracking heap memory in the availableVirtualMemory and availableFreeMemory fields and not physical memory anymore. Fixed accessibility issues of internal classes post-Java 8 and the library should now be working fine across all JDKs.

1.2.1 (Jun 16 2021)

  • Minor changes to stacktrace handling
  • Additional of Path Info to Request URL data

1.2.0 (Jun 8 2021)

  • Support for version (#33)
  • Fixed stack traces to work better with Lucee and ACF 2021

1.1.0 (Jan 2 2016)

  • Refactored packages and file/dir locations to cater for ideas in PR28 and to prepare for Forgebox packaging
  • Added Forgebox packaging
  • Enhanced documentation
  • Changed internal code to make the CFCs independen of package paths
  • Changed internal code to instantiate CFCs using "new", therefore breaking compatibility with ACF8 (and probably Railo 3)
  • From this version onwards, raygun4cfml will use semantic versioning for the version numbers ( (Nov 14 2015):

  • Merged PR26 and modified/refactored it slightly (Nov 14 2015):

  • Merged PR23 and PR24 and modified/refactored them slightly (Jul 1 2015):

  • Merged PR21 from Alex --- fixing naming inconsistencies in the user tracking object (Jan 3 2015):

  • Support for Tags and Affected User (please check samples 4 and 5 in samples/global_errorhandler/errortemplate.cfm and the code in the tests_manual directories for samples on how to use them)
  • Moves statusCode from request to details structure
  • Changed the behaviour of userCustomData. Essentially removed all the old, backwards compatibility code that came in from PR15/16 (in --- this change had lead to much cleaner and simpler code. Note: This change will break backwards compatibility for people who have used customRequestData before (please check sample 3 samples/global_errorhandler/errortemplate.cfm) (Dec 31 2014): merged and edited PR/ISSUE 15/16 and fixed a CF 9 issue. Please be aware that samples have changed due to a new way of passing in custom data. (Jan 10 2014): Various small fixes, merged and edited PR10 (May 1 2013): Various bugfixes and improvements, fix for queryString, machineName is now server's IP Address and more (Apr 10 2013): Switched Stracktrace with TagContext data to make it more relevant for Dashboard display of CFML errors, implemented support for the session and param structures within request, updated sample files to reflect the changes (Mar 29 2013): Various fixes, better support for cfcatch (Expression) vs error structs (Mar 28 2013): Merged PR from possum888, added sample for using RG in a global errorhandler or via cferror (Mar 22 2013): Added support for POST rawData, CFML Form-Scope and implemented a scope-based content filtering allowing to replace sensitive scope data before it is being sent to (Feb 15 2013): Initial Release, tested on ACF 9.

$ box install raygun4cfml

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