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PropertyFile Util

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PropertyFile Utility for CFML

ProperyFile is a library to make it is easy to load, modify, and store Java property files from CFML without needing to touch any Java. This library is a single CFC that encapsulates the data and behaviors of a Java properties file in a fluent API.

getInstance( 'propertyFile' )
    .load( myPath )
    .set( 'myProp', 'myValue' )

Read files

To use, create an instance of PropertyFile and call the load() method with the full path to the file you wish to load.

var propertyFile = getInstance( 'propertyFile' ).load( expandPath( '' ) );

Manipulate properties

We support two ways of interacting with the file. You can call methods to get/set/remove properties like so:

propertyFile.set( 'myProp', 'myValue' );
propertyFile.get( 'myProp' );
propertyFile.get( 'anotherProp', 'defaultValue' );
propertyFile.exists( 'questionableProp' );

Or you can just use the object directly as a struct and we'll treat the public properties with a dab of fairy dust to keep track of them. This code block does the same as above.

propertyFile.myProp = 'myValue';
propertyFile.anotherProp ?: 'defaultValue';
structKeyExists( propertyFile, 'questionableProp' );

Note, this method will give you some issues if you happen to have any property names that conflict with built-in method names since they live in the this scope too. Also, make sure property names with periods in them are set like propertyFile[ '' ] and NOT like The latter will create nested structs instead of a single property which isn't what you want.

Iterate properties

If you want to get the properties in an iterable form, use this method:

var myStruct = propertyFile.getAsStruct();
for( var prop in myStruct ) {
	writeDump( myStruct[ prop ] );

Store properties

To write a properties file back to the same file you read it from use this store() method with no arguments.;

To save what's in memory to a new file (or to save a new properties object that you didn't read in the first place), pass the path you want into the store() method. expandPath( '' ) );

Method Chaining

All methods in the PropertyFile object that don't return an explicit value will return this so you can chain calls like so:

getInstance( 'propertyFile' )
	.load( myPath )
	.set( 'myProp', 'myValue' )
	.set( 'myOtherProp', 'myOtherValue' )

$ box install propertyFile

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