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Preside Extension: Telegram Bot

v0.1.2 Preside Extensions

Preside Extension: Telegram Bot

This is a simple extension for Telegram Bot based on Telegram Bot API To get started, please follow the guide at Telegram Bot API Introduction to create your own bot with @BotFather

Currently supported feature are:

  • Telegram Notification Service
  • Location and Venue Notification

Telegram Notification Service

You can assign a Channel, Group Chat or Individual Chat to receive notification from Preside's Notification Service

You will be able to select the Telegram Channels to be alerted in the specific notification settings in Preside

The default parse mode for Telegram Notification service is HTML mode

You will need to create a telegram context for the notification ( or it will default to datatable context )

The Telegram HTML parsing is limited to only certain HTML tags as defined in Telegram API documentation

Location and Venue Notification

To send Location or Venue Notification, you can use the function sendLocation and sendVenue in TelegramService.cfc

Install with:

box install preside-ext-telegram-bot



  • Added README, License and changelog


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$ box install preside-ext-telegram-bot

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