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Preside Extension: Star Wars

v1.2.4 Preside Extensions

Preside Extension: Star Wars

This is an extension for Preside to import Star Wars data from

In detail the extension includes the following:

  • Webservice Wrapper for
  • Preside Objects for Star Wars characters, films, vehicles, starships, species and planets
  • Relations between the objects (e.g. which characters play in which film)
  • Manual import task (via Task Manager) to fill all Star Wars data
  • Custom Page type to display all the data
  • Wookie Translator task (only works if multilingual feature is enabled and an additional language with the iso-code 'wk' is defined)


Install the extension to your application via either of the methods detailed below (Git submodule / CommandBox) and then enable the extension by opening up the Preside developer console and entering:

extension enable preside-ext-starwars
reload all

Git Submodule method

From the root of your application, type the following command:

git submodule add application/extensions/preside-ext-starwars

CommandBox (box.json) method

From the root of your application, type the following command:

box install preside-ext-starwars


This extension would not be possible without the excellent The lookup table for the wookie translation is also based on their work. See for details.


Feel free to fork and pull request. Any other feedback is also welcome - preferable on the PresideCMS slack channel.

$ box install preside-ext-starwars

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