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Preside Extension: Map picker

v1.1.3+0000042 Preside Extensions

Map Picker for Preside


What it does

This extension provides admin and front-end map picker form controls for selecting latitude/longitude values via a drag and drop map panel, and gives two-way interaction between the map and the lat/long fields.

It uses Leaflet as its mapping API, and requires an access token from Mapbox.

It also includes UK postcode lookups via, either from a postcode field elsewhere in the form, or by manually entering a postcode to centre the map to.

Full address geolocation is (optionally) provided by the Google Geocoding API. Sign up for an API key (with access to the Maps and Places APIs); note that this is a paid-for service.

What it doesn't do

It is not designed as a front-end map display extension for Preside. Any requirements are usually custom to the application, and so it's nearly impossible to create a one-size-fits-all solution for that.



First, you will want to set up the extension via the Map Picker panel under Preside's System > Settings.

Once you have entered a Mapbox access token, you can set the default centre point and zoom level for new map controls.

The admin form control

Include the mapPicker form control in your form definition using a named form field (the map picker will not itself relate to any object binding):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<form i18nBaseUri="preside-objects.organisation:">
	<tab id="main">
			<field binding="organisation.address" />
			<field binding="organisation.postcode" />
			<field name="locationPicker" control="mapPicker" label="Locate on map"
				latitudeField="latitude" longitudeField="longitude" postcodeField="postcode" />
			<field binding="organisation.latitude" />
			<field binding="organisation.longitude" />

The required attributes for the form control are:

  • latitudeField: the name of the form field that stores the latitude
  • longitudeField: the name of the form field that stores the longitude

Above, we are also using the optional postcodeField. If this is specified, the map picker will show a Set marker at postcode button, which will look up the location of the postcode in this field and centre the map at those coordinates.

There is also an optional zoomField attribute; this field will be linked to the zoom level of the map, so you can store that alongside the coordinates in your data model.

There is a button on the map picker Place marker at map centre, which does what it says: when clicked, it will move the marker to the centre of the current map view.

Finally, Reset marker will restore the map and its linked fields to the state they had when the page was loaded - either the original position of the marker, or removing the marker if there wasn't one.

The front-end form control

Configuring the front-end map picker control is slightly different from the admin control. The control returns a comma-separated lat,lng value, and can be implemented with no dependency on other form fields. If persisting to a Preside object, a varchar( 30 ) property is recommended.

Frontend forms should be rendered in the website context.

Note that the front-end map picker depends on jQuery being available on the page

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<form i18nBaseUri="preside-objects.organisation:">
	<tab id="main">
			<field binding="organisation.location" control="mappicker" />

The above code will use the default settings: the map will have a full address lookup field (if a Google API key has been configured), or a simple UK postcode lookup (if no Google API key is provided).

There are a number of attributes that can be used to customise the map picker:

  • searchType: defaults to address, which will use the default logic described above. If set to postcode, the lookup will be a simple postcode lookup, whether or not the Google API key is configured.
  • searchEnabled: defaults to true. If set to false, neither address nor postcode lookup will be provided.
  • searchFields: empty by default. If empty, the picker will include its own search input field. But if set to the name (or comma-separated list of names) of another field within the form, then that/those fields will be used to do the location search (so the user does not need to enter data twice).
  • buttonClass: class to be applied to all buttons on the picker
  • searchButtonClass, centreButtonClass, resetButtonClass: class to be applied to specific buttons
  • searchInputClass, resultSelectClass: class to be applied to the picker's search input and multiple result select fields

An example of searchFields, which will concatenate the contents of the listed fields and send them to the geocoding service:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<form i18nBaseUri="preside-objects.organisation:">
	<tab id="main">
			<field binding="organisation.location" control="mappicker" searchFields="address_1,address_2,city,county,country,postcode" />

Global defaults

The following settings may also be defined globally in Config.cfc and will be used unless overridden on a specific form field definition:

settings.mapPicker.defaults = {
	  buttonClass       = ""
	, searchButtonClass = ""
	, centreButtonClass = ""
	, resetButtonClass  = ""
	, searchInputClass  = ""
	, resultSelectClass = ""



  • Update build version generator


  • Explicitly set styling for layer selectors


  • MAPPICKER-2 Set z-index on container to establish stacking context


  • MAPPICKER-1 Add frontend mappicker form control (inc. full address geocoding)


  • Re-publish


  • Move to Pixl8 GitHub
  • Set up GitHub Actions for build/deploy


  • Move text labels to i18n
  • Add warning message if no access token has been set


  • Don't round the default lat/long to integers!


  • Handle empty default lat/long settings


  • Remove custom settings, add postGetBaseMapData interceptor
  • Handle empty default Zoom value
  • Fix typo in box.json


  • Initial public release

$ box install preside-ext-map-picker

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