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PresideCMS Extension: InxMail SMTP Provider

v1.1.2+0000006 Preside Extensions

InxMail SMTP Provider

The InxMail SMTP provider allows you to use the InxMail SMTP Relay service with Preside Email Center.

Once installed, the extension will add an InxMail tab to your email settings page. Configure your SMTP credentials and API keys and you are good to go.


The extension adds the following admin permission key: inxmailBounces.bounces. This is used to control access to the InxMail blocklist management screens from within the Preside admin. The permission is added to the default Preside sysadmin role but you will need to add the key to any other admin user roles who you wish to have access to this feature.


We recommend that you set the following feature flag in your application's config.cfc if you are using this extension to send mail:

settings.features.emailDeliveryStats.enabled = false;

The reason for this is that we do not have actual delivery statistics from InxMail - having delivery stats in the Preside UI leads to confusion and mistrust from the user.

Note This feature flag is effective as of Preside 10.12.0-SNAPSHOT6447.


This project is licensed under the GPLv2 License - see the LICENSE.txt file for details.


The project is maintained by The Pixl8 Group. The lead developer is Dominic Watson and the project is supported by the community (view contributors).

Code of conduct

We are a small, friendly and professional community. For the eradication of doubt, we publish a simple code of conduct and expect all contributors, users and passers-by to observe it.



  • #1: Fix for API parameter format change in INXMail


  • Add support for INXMail block lists


  • Fix timezone issues with sync from date calculation.


  • Fix logging of complaints sync
  • Ensure we do not repeatedly fetch the last synced bounce/complaint


  • Fix case of InxMail (not INXMail)


Initial release with working SMTP sending, settings page and task to retrieve bounces and complaints through the InxMail API

$ box install preside-ext-inxmail

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