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PresideCMS Extension: HTML Import

v0.2.0-SNAPSHOT53 Preside Extensions

HTML Import

This extension offers a straightforward solution for importing HTML content into your Preside pages.

Getting started

The zip file must contain at least one *.html file and the folder for images if any.

├── index.html
└── images
    ├── hello.jpg
    └── world.png

Allowed page types

To specify the page types that are allowed for importing HTML.

Example: config/Config.cfc

settings.htmlImport.allowedPageTypes = [ "standard_page" ];

Custom heading

To specify custom page heading with CSS selector instead of standard h1 to h5.

Example: config/Config.cfc

settings.enum.htmlImportPageHeading = settings.enum.htmlImportPageHeading ?: []
ArrayAppend( settings.enum.htmlImportPageHeading, "p.title>span" );

Example: i18n/enum/

p.title>span.label=Title (Google Docs)


This project is licensed under the GPLv2 License - see the LICENSE.txt file for details.

Code of conduct

We are a small, friendly and professional community. For the eradication of doubt, we publish a simple code of conduct and expect all contributors, users and passers-by to observe it.


$ box install preside-ext-html-import

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