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Disqus for preside

#Disqus extension basic setup ( Assume you have done setup Disqus account and the app )

1.) Setup Disqus API setting in Preside admin > Setting > Disqus API Fill in the required field. To get the public key you need to add remote domain in your Disqus account.

2.) Add this line to your view renderView( view = 'disqus/index', args = { showDisqus = showDisqus ?: false } ) showDisqus is an argument option for you to turn it on / off for particular page

3.) Add this line to your page handler if( isLoggedIn() ){ var userDetails = getLoggedInUserDetails(); prc.disqusLoginToken = disqusService.createLoginToken( id = , username = userDetails.display_name , email = userDetails.email_address ); }

#SSO setup checklist 1.) Contact Disqus to enable SSO in your Disqus account. To do this request, you need to be the primary moderator.

2.) A new link will appear in your disqus Application API page after Disqus team has enable the SSO for you. Visit the SSO link and setup the domain and slug.

3.) Go to your application > setting > select SSO domain.

$ box install preside-ext-disqus

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