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PresideCMS Extension: DB Upgrade Script Generator

v2.1.2.00013 Preside Extensions

PresideCMS Extension: Database Upgrade Script Generator

This is an extension for PresideCMS that allows you to create a database upgrade script in preparation for a deployment to another environment.


box install preside-ext-dbupgradescriptgenerator


While the system does its best to avoid problems, always proceed with caution when upgrading production databases. Large datasets and change conflicts can cause database upgrade issues that the software cannot resolve by itself.

For production databases, take a backup and restore it so that the script can be generated from and tested against the backup. Should you encounter upgrade issues, fix them with database scripts and add those scripts to your saved migration script.

How it works

The extension provides two approaches to generating DB upgrade SQL scripts.

  1. An admin UI where you enter DSN details for a seperate datasource
  2. An environment variable to be set that forces the application to do nothing but output schema upgrade script for the current datasource

Admin UI

You can navigate to the wizard in the admin via the System menu (top right), System -> DB Script Generator.


By default, only the system user can access the script generator wizard. To allow other admin roles to be able to access the wizard, add the following line to your application's Config.cfc file:

settings.adminRoles.sysadmin.append( "dbUpgradeScriptGenerator.*" );

In this example, we are allowing the "sysadmin" user role to access the generator functionality. See the CMS Permissioning documentation for more details.

Switching the feature off entirely

You may only wish the feature to be enabled in local or development environments. To do so, edit your application's Config.cfc file by toggling the settings.features.dbUpgradeScriptGenerator.enabled flag. For example:

component extends="preside.system.config.Config" {

    public void function configure() {
        // ...

        // feature turned off by default
        settings.features.dbUpgradeScriptGenerator.enabled = false;

        // ...

    public void function local() {
        // ...

        // setting turned on for 'local' environment
        settings.features.dbUpgradeScriptGenerator.enabled = true;

        // ...

Environment variable flag

As of v2.0.0 of this extension, you can set an env variable GENERATE_DB_UPGRADE_SCRIPT_ONLY=true to force the extension to always stop the application from loading and, instead, output the schema upgrade SQL for the running application.

This could be useful as a build tool helper to allow you to start the application with the datasource set to the target database and to then capture the output of an http request to the application to use as the SQL upgrade script.

For instance, you may do something like:

echo "\
" > .env
box install [email protected]
box preside start name=sqlgen port=4444 trayEnable=false openbrowser=false
wget -O ./upgrade.sql http://localhost:4444/
box preside stop sqlgen

You are then guaranteed an upgrade.sql file that you can use to run against your target DB (or send to DBA to evaluate and run, or whatever).



  • Support latest MySQL driver used by Lucee


  • Ensure pre/post interceptors are fired before generating sql script


  • Add feature to cleanup script that allows: remove duplicate script lines, never rename fields to deprecated and disable foreign key checks during entire script (mysql/mariadb only)


  • Add a feature for forcing the application to ONLY EVER generate a SQL upgrade script if an environment flag is set. Allowing devs to use in build scripts to start an application with the view to always just generating the SQL upgrade script


  • Remove package directory option and create package directory
  • Add directory to box.json
  • Change instructiosn for box install to use versioned releases
  • Checking feature is enabled before any admin request


  • Original commit creating admin functionality to generate script through UI

$ box install preside-ext-dbupgradescriptgenerator

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