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PresideCMS CommandBox Commands

v6.1.6+0000037 Public

CommandBox commands for PresideCMS. This repository manages the code used to build the "preside" set of commands for CommandBox.


Before starting, you will need CommandBox installed. Head to for instructions on how to do so.

Once you have CommandBox installed, you can install our commands with:

~/> box install preside-commands

If you already have the commands installed, and wish to ensure you have the latest version installed, enter the following command at your command prompt:

~/> box install --force preside-commands


Create a new site

From within the CommandBox shell, CD into an empty directory in which you would like to create the new site and type:

CommandBox> preside new site

Follow any prompts that you receive.

Start a server

From the webroot of your Preside site, enter the following command:

CommandBox> preside start

If it is the first time starting, you will be prompted to download Preside and also to enter your database information, you will need an empty database already setup.

Once started, a browser should open and you should be presented with your homepage. To navigate to the administrator, browse to /{site_id}_admin/, where site id is the ID of the site you entered when creating the new site from the instructions above.

n.b. The admin path setting is editable in your site's /application/config/Config.cfc file.



  • Fix for broken paths in Gruntfile generated for new extension command when choosing to manage static assets with grunt


  • Fix for issue where version number of package not read for dependencies stored in S3 with release version number in their filename


  • Update the datasource definition in lucee web admin to include a db driver (Pull requestion)


  • Update to forgebox api calls for correctly fetching preside skeletons for the preside new site command


  • Add ability for other packages to do programatic installs and skip the preside package compatibility checking


  • When doing version compatibility checks, ignore snapshot part of version strings. i.e. 4.3.0-SNAPSHOT4598 should just be treated as 4.3.0


  • Add ability for Preside extensions to expression compatibility issues with other extensions.


  • Build fixes


  • A whole new version of preside new extension that includes scaffolds for tests and Github actions flow for publishing to forgebox.


  • Allow preside start to be run in non-interactive shell with preside start interactive=false


  • Ensure extension mapping is useful when compiling extension sources. e.g. /extension-name
  • Ensure that CFConfig is installed before attempting extension compile command


  • Add 'preside extension compile' command


  • Add dependency fulfillment and checking between preside extensions in box install
  • Add Preside min/max version checking for extension installs

2.1.8 > 3.0.2

  • Refactor package to be a CommandBox module

2.1.0 > 2.1.8

  • Remove whitespace reduction setting from the Lucee web config. This stops the preside commands from failing to format tables properly (e.g. with cache stats command).

2.0.4 > 2.1.0

  • Add new webapp skeleton for creating non-cms based web applications on Preside
  • Added a post install concept for skeletons

0.6.0 > 2.0.4

  • Updated skeleton for preside new site command to use forgebox packages (in readiness for multiple skeleton options and simplifying the build process)
  • Use a hires icon for preside start servers on Linux machines (now that we will have working AppIndicators in Linux with CommandBox)
  • Do not prompt to download preside when we find preside already located in the webroot of the project when running preside start for the first time

$ box install preside-commands

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