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v1.1.2 Modules
Find and purchase domain names via

OpenSRS configuration

  1. Create an openSRS account.
  2. Login to either the production or development server
  3. Create Private API key
  4. Define servers that will access openSRS
  5. Setup a DNS template

Module configuration

  1. Populate baseService.cfc with openSRS paramters
  2. Browse to servername/index.cfm/openSRS to test it out



Project Update:
  1. Configured LogBox in the main app and added a statement to log all lookups so I can know if anyone tests the demo.
  2. rewrote the domainService in script
  3. corrected link on powered by ColdBox logo
  4. released version 1.1.2 via forgebox

  1. Dendency injection with wirebox
  2. rewrote domain handler and base service to script
  3. Converted to a module, requires ColdBox 3.1

  1. Thanks to Jon @ TUCOWS, for helping me fix my certificate issue. I learned something new and I can keep coding over the holiday weekend.
  2. I have changed Send2OpenSRS function to return the entire cfhttp result so that the header can be seen in the rc dump. This will help others troubleshoot setting up the connection to OpenSRS. As a result I updated the handlers to use rc.var.fileContent where needed.
  3. I have now completed testing the purchase, price and processpending functions.

  •   Jonathan Perret
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$ box install openSRS

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