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Numverify API Module

v1.0.4 Modules

Numverify API Coldbox Module

Coldbox module for using the Numverify phone number validation API.


This library can be installed as a ColdBox Module. Install with a simple CommandBox command:

$ box install numverify

Alternatively the git repository can be cloned into the desired directory.

ColdBox Module

To use, add the init arguments to the moduleSettings struct in config/Coldbox.cfc:

moduleSettings = {
    numverify: {
        accessKey: ''

You can then leverage the library via the injection DSL: Numverify@numverify:

property name="Numverify" inject="Numverify@numverify";

Getting Started

// To validate a phone number with country code
validationResult = Numverify.validate("12075551212");
// OR without, but providing country ID
validationResult = Numverify.validate("2075551212","US");

// list country codes with dialling prefix
countries = Numverify.countries();

numverify is modeled after the official NumVerify API. All responses are JSON and converted to structs by the module. Documentation is here:

A free account is required to get an access key.

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$ box install numverify

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