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Lucee Administrator Scheduled Tasks Bootstrap UI

v1.0.1 Modules

Lucee Administrator Scheduled Tasks Bootstrap UI

This is a ColdBox module for creating a front-end user interface based on Bootstrap 4 and jQuery that manages the server scheduled tasks, copying the Lucee Administrator functionality but within a ColdBox app.


Run the following commands from CommandBox at the root of your ColdBox site.

Install from ForgeBox:

install lucee-scheduled-tasks

Install directly from Github:

install evagoras/lucee-scheduled-tasks


The module uses your application's default main layout by inheritance. If you want to create a custom layout then rename the file /layouts/Main-RenameToUse.cfm and adjust it to your liking.


List of Tasks

http://localhost/scheduledtasks List of Tasks

Add a New Task

http://localhost/scheduledtasks/home/new Add a New Task

From CommandBox run the following command at the root of a ColdBox site:

install lucee-scheduled-tasks

Then go to "http://localhost/scheduledtasks".

$ box install lucee-scheduled-tasks

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