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Jenkins Runner

v1.0.4 Modules

Jenkins Runner

A simple utility for running a Jenkins job from CFML and optionally capturing the output


Install the project via CommandBox like so:

install jenkins-runner

This module currenlty only works on Lucee because Adobe's tag-in-script syntax is dumb and I hate typing it. If you want this to work in Adobe CF, please send a pull and will happily merge it :)

Use as ColdBox Module

To use in ColdBox, provide the settings in your config/Coldbox.cfc in the moduleSettings struct like so:

moduleSettings = {
  "jenkins-runner" : {
        username : 'myUser',
        password : getSystemSetting( 'JENKINS_PASSWORD' ),
        jenkinsAPIURL : ''

Then inject the jenkins runner, which is a singleton like so:

propery name='JenkinsRunner' inject;


var jenkingRunner = wirebox.getInstance( 'JenkinsRunner' );

Use outside of ColdBox.

This module does not require ColdBox or WireBox to operate. You can directly create an instance of the CFC and provide your own configuration.

var jenkinsRunner = new modules.jenkins-runner.models.jenkinsRunner( 'usermame', 'password', '' );


To fire a job, you need the job name as it appears in the URL of the Jenkins site without the leading job/. 'Scheduled%20Jobs/job/Daily/job/TestJob/' );

By default, this will return immediatley and the job will run asyncrnously.

Build Parameters

For parameterized jobs, pass the parameters as a struct.
    jobName = 'Scheduled%20Jobs/job/Daily/job/TestJob/',
    jobParameters = {
        "param1" : "value 1",
        "param2" : "value 2",
        "param3" : "value 3"

Return Build output

You can block until the job is complete and get the full console output by specifying returnOutput=true.

<cfset jobOutput =
   jobName = 'Scheduled%20Jobs/job/Daily/job/TestJob/',
   returnOutput = true

Stream Build Output

You can also exceute the job and stream back the build output as it happens in real time. Pass a jobOutputUDF to accept each chunch of text as it appears.

Here is an example doing this inside a CommandBox task runer and flushing the outout to the console:
   jobName = 'Scheduled%20Jobs/job/Daily/job/TestJob/',
   jobOutputUDF = (text)=>print.text(text).toConsole()

Here is an example of doing it from a CFM page.

Job output:
Starting Job...
    function flusher( text ){
        echo( text );
        jobName = 'Scheduled%20Jobs/job/Daily/job/TestJob/',
        jobOutputUDF = flusher

Note: Providing a jobOutputUDF will automatically enable returnOutput.


The Jenkins runner will timeouit after 5 minute by default. Change this timeout by passing a number of seconds to the timeoutSeconds argument.

var jobOutput =
    jobName = 'Scheduled%20Jobs/job/Daily/job/TestJob/',
    returnOutput = true,
    // wait up to 15 minutes
    timeout = 60 * 15

Note: when executing from a web server, you will also need to extend your page request timeout as well.

$ box install jenkins-runner

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