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Identity Utility

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Identity Utility

This is a ColdBox Module with a modest goal of aiding in creating, converting, and validating unique identities. It's not specific to UUIDs, but that's what's implemented currently.


  • Lucee 4.5+ or Adobe ColdFusion 10+
  • ColdBox 4+


Install using CommandBox: box install identity-utility

API Documentation

To generate API documentation (for the one modest component in this project), execute the following: box run-script generate-docs The resulting static files can be viewed in a web browser from identity-utility/apidocs/index.html


To run the tests, execute the following:

box server start
box testbox run

This will fire up an embedded server and run the TestBox spec for the utility, returning the results to the shell.


Within the component you'd like to make use of the Identity Utility, have WireBox inject an instance for you from the module's namespace:

property name="idutil" inject="identityUtility@IdentityUtility";

Once you have a reference to it, you can retrieve a new UUID using one of these methods:

  • uuid()
  • jvmuuid()
  • cfmluuid()
  • mssqluuid()

You can easily normalize and convert a garbage UUID:

variables.idutil.normalizeUUID("43DC4B19%252D0342%252D42D2%252DA0A1%252D6909B0C7D588", "cfml");

A value can be validated to be a UUID with the specified style:

variables.idutil.validateUUID(uncertainInput, "jvm");

With an instance of the utility, you can persist the desired UUID style:


After specifying the preferred UUID style, calls to uuid() method will use your preference.

See the TestBox test spec at /tests/specs/TestIdentityUtility.cfc for more ideas.


See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).

$ box install identity-utility

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