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Who didn't run into the limitations of either <cfpdf> or <cfdocument>?
While they are super cool to make quick and easy pdf documents, sometimes the requirements are a little more complicated...

What if you want a different header/footer in size and content on the first page of your generated document than on consecutive pages in that doc?

What if you want to generate PDF forms with event actions etc?

You will be stuck using Coldfusion alone.

Adobe gave us the power of JVM as the underlying engine that runs Coldfusion... So we can leverage that power and use awesome Java libraries in our CF applications.

iText PDF is one of those awesome projects and behind the screen, Adobe Coldfusion even uses that for <cfpdf> and <cfdocument> but they far from implemented every piece of functionality it provides.

On top of that, CF 9.0.1 is using an old version of iText!

This project focusses on getting the benefits of the newest iText version at our fingertips while creating fantastic ColdBox applications.

I hope this project will catch some interest so that it can grow and mature over time.

Please look at the examples folder for step by step usage.
Put the iText-lib folder and the iText.cfc file into the plugins folder of your application

iText = getMyPlugin("iText");
In any of your handlers, layouts or views and you are good to go.

Alternative using wirebox:
property name="iText" inject="coldbox:myplugin:iText";
In any of your components!

$ box install iTextCFC

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