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I am a utility to match file system path patterns (globbing) in a similar manner as Unix file systems or .gitignore syntax.


Run the following in CommandBox:

install globber


Inject the path pattern matcher service/Globber or get it from WireBox.

Path Pattern Matcher

This service is a singleton that handles path matching but doesn't actually touch the file system.

var pathPatternMatcher = wirebox.getInstance( 'PathPatternMatcher@globber' );
pathPatternMatcher.matchPattern( '/foo/*', '/foo/bar' );
pathPatternMatcher.matchPatterns( [ '/foo/*', '**.txt' ], '/foo/bar' );

End a pattern with a slash to only match a directory. Start a pattern with a slash to start in the root. Ex:

  • foo wil match any file or folder in the directory tree
  • /foo will only match a file or folder in the root
  • foo/ will only match a directory anywhere in the directory tree
  • /foo/ will only match a folder in the root

Use a single * to match zero or more characters INSIDE a file or folder name (won't match a slash) Ex:

  • foo* will match any file or folder starting with "foo"
  • foo*.txt will match any file or folder starting with "foo" and ending with .txt
  • *foo will match any file or folder ending with "foo"
  • a/*/z will match a/b/z but not a/b/c/z

Use a double ** to match zero or more characters including slashes. This allows a pattern to span directories Ex:

  • a/**/z will match a/z and a/b/z and a/b/c/z

A question mark matches a single non-slash character

  • /h?t matches hat but not ham or h/t


This transient represents a single globbing pattern and provide a fluent API to access the matching files. Unlike the PathPatternMatcher, which only handles comparisons of patterns, this model actually interacts with the file system to resolve a pattern to a list of real file system resources.

Returns an array of all text files recursively below the myFolder directory whose name end with bar.

var results = wirebox.getInstance( 'globber' )
	.setPattern( 'C:/myFolder/**/*bar.txt' )

Apply a closure to all markdown files in a directory.

wirebox.getInstance( 'globber' )
	.setPattern( 'C:/myFolder/*.md' )
	.apply( function( path ) {
		fileDelete( path );
	} );

Get data as query

You can get a query back instead of an array by adding .asQuery() to your DSL. The also affects the datatype you apply() closure runs against.
The query columns match what comes from the directoryList() fucntion.

var qryResults = globber
	.setPattern( baseDir & '/**' )

Sort data

You may sort the data using the same column names you'd get back from the query (even if you're getting an array) by using the withSort() function.

var qryResults = globber
	.setPattern( baseDir & '/**' )
	.withSort( 'type asc, name desc' )

$ box install globber

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