Command Line Arguments

When running the fixinator command via the command line you can set the following arguments:


The folder or file to scan.

Environment Variables

The following environment variables are used by fixinator:


The FIXINATOR_API_KEY environment variable holds an API key which will be passed to the Fixinator API service via the x-api-key HTTP request header. Please visit to obtain a key.


The FIXINATOR_API_URL environment variable points to the URL of the Fixinator API service. If you are running fixinator locally you will want to point this to your local API instance. If you are using the public API then you do not need to set this variable.


A .fixinator.json configuration file can be placed in the root of a folder to be scanned. For Example:

	"ignoredPaths":["some/folder-to-ignore", "some/file-to-ignore.cfm"],
	"minSeverity": "low",
	"minConfidence": "low"

Note that .fixinator.json files placed in a subfolder of the base scan path are currently ignored.


An array of path patterns to ignore. Certain paths are always ignored such as .git or .svn paths.


An array of file extensions to ignore. Certain file extensions such as image files (png, gif, jpg, etc) are always ignored.


An array of scanner name slugs to ignore.


Default: low - The minimum severity level that will be flagged. Set this to high if you only care about severe issues.


Default: high - The minimum confidence level that will be flagged. Issues with low confidence will be more likely to be false positives.

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1.0.0 Feb 13 2019 12:45 PM Feb 13 2019 12:45 PM Pete Freitag (pfreitag)


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