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File Upload Helper

This is a ColdBox Module to simplify and standardize the process of receiving file uploads. Support was added in 1.1.0 to receive file uploads as encoded data in a payload. This makes it possible to configure tests with a request body that includes the file content as a big string, rather than require the testing framework to make traditional multipart POSTs or have access to a filesystem stocked with test files.


  • Lucee 5.2.8+ or Adobe ColdFusion 11+
  • ColdBox 4.3+
  • Java 8+
  • Apache Commons Codec 1.9+ (provided by modern CFML engines)


Install using CommandBox: box install file-upload-helper


Get a reference to the FileUploadService in your handler, for example:

property name="fileUploadService" inject="fileUploadService@FileUploadHelper";

Traditional File Upload

When a file is POSTed to your application using multipart/form-data, use the service to retrieve it from the request body:

var uploadedFile = variables.fileUploadService.processUpload("aFileFormField");

Alternative File Upload

A client (a browser or a testing framework) may upload a file where the content is part of a structured payload. Consider a POST where the content-type is application/json and the raw body looks like the following:

	"inElement": false,
	"filename": "donny.html",
	"filedata": "PCFkb2N0eXBlIGh0bWw+CjxodG1sPgo8aGVhZD4KCTx0aXRsZT5Eb25ueTwvdGl0bGU+CjwvaGVhZD4KPGJvZHk+Cgk8aDE+RG9ubnk8L2gxPgoJPHA+RG9ubnkgd2FzIGEgZ29vZCBib3dsZXIsIGFuZCBhIGdvb2QgbWFuLiBIZSB3YXMgb25lIG9mIHVzLjwvcD4KPC9ib2R5Pgo8L2h0bWw+Cgo=",
	"commitTo": "Bosom of the Pacific Ocean"

When that sample content is received, it can be processed with FileUploadService to product a File in the same way as processUpload() above.

var payload = deserializeJson(getHttpRequestData().content);
var uploadedFile = variables.fileUploadService.processUploadAsData(payload.filename, payload.filedata);

Returned File

These are the public methods from File that are now available:

getPath()Returns the full filesystem path to the file.
getName()Returns the filename, as provided in the request body.
getExtension()Returns the file extension, as provided in the request body.
getContentType()Returns the content type of the file based solely on the file extension. A modest number of popular content types are known; the default is application/octet-stream.
getSize()Returns the number of bytes used by the file.
getFormattedSize()Returns a string like "25.1 Kb" or "10.2 Mb" representing the file size (1 Kb = 1024 bytes).
getHash([algorithm:string])By default, returns the SHA-2 256-bit digest of the uploaded file. Specify SHA-1 if needed.
exists()Returns a boolean indicating if the CFML engine thinks the file really exists.
delete()Use this method to remove the file from the filesystem when it's no longer needed.


To execute the test suite -- modest as it is -- install the dependency and call the test runner:

$ box
CommandBox> package install
CommandBox> server start
CommandBox> testbox run


See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).

$ box install file-upload-helper

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