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Facebook Leadgen Forms - CFML

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Facebook Leadgen Forms - CFML

A CFML wrapper for the Facebook Leadgen Forms API. Create and manage Facebook's lead forms via their marketing API.

Feel free to use the issue tracker to report bugs or suggest improvements!


This project borrows heavily from the API frameworks built by jcberquist. Thanks to John for all the inspiration!

Table of Contents

Quick Start

The CFC is used to interact with the Lead Forms in a Facebook account. Here's how you use it, along with the helper component, to build a new Lead Form:

fblgf = new access_token = 'xxx', page_id = 'xxx' );

leadgenform = new
  .name('Test Form')
  .contextCard({"title": "Greetings!", "content": ["First thing to say", "Second item"],"style": "LIST_STYLE"})
  .privacyPolicy({"url": "", "link_text": "View this test Privacy Notice"});

res = fblgf.create( leadgenform );
writeDump( var='#res#', abort='true' );

And here's how you use to list the existing forms in your account:

fblgf = new access_token = 'xxx', page_id = 'xxx' );

forms = fblgf.listByPage();
writeDump( var='#forms#', abort='true' );

Setup and Authentication

To get started with using Facebook Leadgen Forms via their API, you'll need an Access Token and Page ID (along with a Facebook App). The full requirements, along with further details, can be found here.

Once you have the token and Page ID, you can provide them to this wrapper manually when creating the component, as in the Quick Start example above, or via environment variables named FACEBOOKLEADGENFORMS_ACCESS_TOKEN and FACEBOOKLEADGENFORMS_PAGE_ID, which will get picked up automatically. This latter approach is generally preferable, as it keeps hardcoded credentials out of your codebase.

Reference Manual


Lists all available fields for Lead Gen Data. Further docs

listByPage( any fields )

Retrieves a list of all forms available on a Page. The parameter fields returns all available fields if set to all. Otherwise it can be left blank, or provided a list/array of the fields required. Further docs

create( required any leadform )

Create a lead form with questions you can display in lead ads. The parameter leadform expects an instance of the helpers.leadform component, but you can construct the struct yourself if you prefer. Further docs

archive( required numeric form_id )

Archive a lead form. Further docs

Reference Manual for helpers.leadform

The reference manual for all public methods in helpers/leadform.cfc can be found in the docs directory, in All methods are chainable.

$ box install fblgfcfml

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