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easyKonto CFML

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easykonto-cfml is a CFML library for checking IBANs with the EasyKonto-API. EasyKonto is a commercial 3rd-party-service to check IBANs and BICs.


This wrapper can be installed as standalone library or as a ColdBox Module. Either approach requires a simple CommandBox command:

$ box install easykontocfml

Alternatively the git repository can be cloned.

Standalone Usage

Once the library has been installed, the core easykonto component can be instantiated directly:

easykonto = new

ColdBox Module

To use the library as a ColdBox Module, add the init arguments to the moduleSettings struct in config/Coldbox.cfc:

moduleSettings = {
    easykontocfml: {
        key = 'YOUR_EASYKONTO_API_KEY',
        secret = 'YOUR_EASYKONTO_API_SECRET'

You can subsequently reference the library via the injection DSL: easykonto@easykontocfml:

property name="easykonto" inject="easykonto@easykontocfml";


EasyKonto requires two params, key and secret. Both are provided in your EasyKonto backend.

If your are running Lucee as your CFML engine, you can also provide ENV vars called EASYKONTO_KEY, EASYKONTO_SECRET instead.

The baseUrl parameter is optional and defaults to

Getting Started

<!--- Check IBAN entered by user --->
<cfset easykonto = new easykonto() />
<cfset x = easykonto.checkIban( iban='DE89 37040 0440 5320 13000') />
<cfdump var="#x#" />


EasyKonto's REST-API returns JSON objects in response to all requests. easykonto-cfml deserializes this response into a CFML struct and makes it available under the data key.

Responses to API calls are all returned as structs in the following format:

    data: {}                // struct containing the body of the response
    statuscode: {}          // struct containing the status code of the response

Methods Available

easykonto-cfml covers all methods of the EasyKonto API v5:

  • checkIban( iban="DE89370400440532013000" ) - Checks IBAN
  • checkGermanAccount( konto="0532013000", blz="37040044" ) - Converts German account number and bank code to IBAN and BIC
  • findGermanBank( blz="37040044" ) - Checks German bank code (BLZ)
  • findBank( bic="COBADEFFXXX" ) - Checks BIC code

EasyKonto website

EasyKonto API docs


Blackbuck Software is not affiliated with EasyKonto.

$ box install easykontocfml

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