Date Utility

This is a ColdBox Module to assist in dealing with dates, especially converting between timezones and formatting for data transfer.


  • Lucee 5+ or Adobe ColdFusion 10+
  • ColdBox 4.3+
  • Java 8+


Install using CommandBox: box install date-utility


Get an instance of DateUtility from WireBox:

property name="dateutil" inject="[email protected]";

There are several examples in the test specification that might be helpful to browse.


If you have a date and know its timezone, you can get the seconds/milliseconds since the Epoch:

dateutil.getEpochSecondsUsingPattern("2018-03-11 01:30:  00", "US/Pacific");
// Returns 1520760600

dateutil.getEpochMillisUsingPattern("2018-03-11 01:30:  00.050", "US/Pacific");
// Returns 1520760600050

If you have the number of seconds/milliseconds since the Epoch, and you'd like to express it as an ISO 8601 string:

dateutil.formatEpochSeconds(1523830577, "UTC", "ISO_8601_ZULU");
// Returns "2018-04-15T22:16:  17Z"

dateutil.formatEpochMillis(1523830577123, "UTC", "ISO_8601_FRACTIONAL_ZULU");
// Returns "2018-04-15T22:16:  17.123Z"


See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).


$ box install date-utility
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