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covfefe for ColdFusion

Covfefe is a ColdFusion component that you can use to really clarify your messaging.


Developed by Matt Gifford (aka coldfumonkeh)

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What it does

You can use this component to convert your text content so it is clear and readable / tweetable (not really)

var strOutput = covfefe.covfefify( 'coverage' );

The above would result in covfefe being returned to the user.

You can also send in a sentence. In this case, the last word in the sentence will be converted:

var strOutput = covfefe.covfefify( 'Despite the constant negative press coverage' );

This would result in:

Despite the constant negative press covfefe

CommandBox Compatible


This CFC can be installed as standalone or as a ColdBox Module. Either approach requires a simple CommandBox command:

box install covfefify

Then follow either the standalone or module instructions below.


This wrapper will be installed into a directory called covfefe and then can be instantiated via new covfefe.covfefe(). The component itself does not require any parameters into the init() method.

ColdBox Module

This package also is a ColdBox module as well.

Once installed, you can leverage the CFC via the injection DSL: covfefe@covfefe

$ box install covfefify

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