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ContentBox Modular CMS Stable Update Channel

v4.2.1 CMS

Current Stable Version: 3.1.0

This package will deliver stable updates to your ContentBox Modular CMS installations. We always recommend that you restart your servers after performing any automated patching.

Please make sure you always backup your code and data before performing any auto-update procedures. Sometimes things do go wrong :)

You can find much more information about this releases in our Jira Tracking instance: or the official ContentBox page:


Apache License, Version 2.0.

Source Code

Bug Tracking/Agile Boards



System Requirements

  • Lucee 4.5+
  • ColdFusion 10+

Release Notes - ContentBox Modular CMS - Version 3.1.0


  • [CONTENTBOX-762] - If admin is in SSL mode, then previews should trigger ssl as well
  • [CONTENTBOX-766] - BaseWidget not providing a default logging class 'log' as it did in ContentBox 2
  • [CONTENTBOX-767] - Admin Layout - loop through jsFullAppendList uses the wrong src base
  • [CONTENTBOX-771] - background color indicators for drafts, published future and expired content is not showing up
  • [CONTENTBOX-776] - PermissionService, RoleService missing date util injection
  • [CONTENTBOX-777] - exclude pages,entries on author mementos, they are not treated for export/import
  • [CONTENTBOX-778] - Importer not importing correct custom modules if coming from windows
  • [CONTENTBOX-780] - Blog excerpt not rendering ContentStore objects
  • [CONTENTBOX-800] - Adobe Compilation error due to ColdBox 4.3 updates
  • [CONTENTBOX-803] - Cascading issue on deletion of one-to-one relationship between base content and its stats
  • [CONTENTBOX-808] - Incorrect title on snapshots data table
  • [CONTENTBOX-809] - i18n properties out of sync with the US file
  • [CONTENTBOX-815] - Installer doesn't work without rewrites
  • [CONTENTBOX-816] - Blog Paging in front end works correctly but display is incorrect
  • [CONTENTBOX-817] - Blog Paging uses Javascript:null which errors in Firefox
  • [CONTENTBOX-818] - Blog Pagination - If you hit a page over total it shows up blank

New Feature

  • [CONTENTBOX-514] - Content Subscriptions
  • [CONTENTBOX-760] - Update express editions to use latest JDK
  • [CONTENTBOX-761] - Update lucee to latest stable in 4.5 series for Express/War Editions
  • [CONTENTBOX-765] - New CBHelper method: renderCaptcha() to easily render the img tag
  • [CONTENTBOX-783] - Static Site Generator
  • [CONTENTBOX-796] - prc.oCurrentAuthor is now set and available globally by the UI prepare request interceptor
  • [CONTENTBOX-801] - Travis integration
  • [CONTENTBOX-802] - edge case exception when a content object has no active content versions on ACF
  • [CONTENTBOX-805] - new cbhelper seo method: getContentTitle() that retrieves the content title according to discovery rules
  • [CONTENTBOX-806] - new cbhelper seo method: getContentDescription() that retrieves the metadata according to discover rules
  • [CONTENTBOX-807] - new cbhelper seo method: getContentKeywords() that retrieves the metadata according to discover rules


  • [CONTENTBOX-573] - Auto-fill Name/E-mail and skip captcha on comments if logged in
  • [CONTENTBOX-641] - Add image resizing/cropping to filebrowser
  • [CONTENTBOX-740] - Update site maintenance feature to have admin still view site but it's down for everyone else
  • [CONTENTBOX-756] - SEO Convention for passing title, keywords, description to theme from modules
  • [CONTENTBOX-759] - Convention for Module Based Security Rules
  • [CONTENTBOX-768] - Admin Layout - loop through jsFullAppendList and cssFullAppendList expects no extension
  • [CONTENTBOX-779] - CBHelper now accounts for ssl via request context on all link building operations
  • [CONTENTBOX-785] - cbhelper isprintFormat not accounting for html formats
  • [CONTENTBOX-797] - CommentForm widget standardizes to default bootstrap themes
  • [CONTENTBOX-798] - Search Form Widget standardized to bootstrap
  • [CONTENTBOX-799] - Updated all box dependencies to latest releases
  • [CONTENTBOX-804] - Update mobile detector to latest incoming script
  • [CONTENTBOX-811] - Add more documentation options for theme elements and groups
  • [CONTENTBOX-819] - Filebrowser - Download a folder gives confusing error message
  • [CONTENTBOX-820] - FileBrowser - Right click doesn't select object when showing Context Menu
  • [CONTENTBOX-821] - FileBrowser - Format the timestamp in the status bar to be more user friendly
  • [CONTENTBOX-822] - FileBrowser - Make Location Breadcrumbs clickable
  • [CONTENTBOX-823] - FileBrowser - Excluded Items not removed from Item count in Status Bar
  • [CONTENTBOX-824] - FileBrowser - In grid view - the selection area isn't the full thumb square
  • [CONTENTBOX-825] - FileBrowser - Update Message to include Settings
  • [CONTENTBOX-828] - Widgets - Widgets loaded from Themes are still marked as Layouts


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$ box install contentbox-stable-updates

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