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ContentBox Aggregator

v1.0.0 Public

ContentBox Aggregator Module

This module allows you to automatically import RSS feeds as content items and display them in your ContentBox site.


Built and tested with:

  • ColdBox 5.6.2+
  • ContentBox 4.2.1+
  • Lucee
  • MySQL 8.0+

Additional database and cfml platforms will be supported in a future release.


  1. Stop the server running your ContentBox site.
  2. Install using CommandBox by typing box install contentbox-aggregator.
  3. Run the mysql.sql script located in /sql on your ContentBox database.
  4. Copy the files located in /themes/default into your current theme folder. If you are not using the default theme, you will need to modify these files to match your current theme.
  5. Start up your server running ContentBox.
  6. Activate the module in the admin and begin using.


  • Coming Soon!

Sites using ContentBox Aggregator

  • - Proof of concept site pulling prepping and survival articles from over 100 different rss feeds.


Apache License, Version 2.0.

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  • Pre-release


$ box install contentbox-aggregator

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