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OSGi JAR Converter

v1.0.1 CommandBox Modules

This is a CommandBox module for converting JARs into named and versioned OSGi bundle-compatible JARs.

Install the command locally through CommandBox

install commandbox-osgi

Uninstall the command locally through CommandBox

uninstall commandbox-osgi


The project needs the Java JDK installed on your computer and two Path variables defined in your Windows Environment. On my PC they are:

JAVA_HOME = C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_231
Path += %JAVA_HOME%\bin

Converting files

The path to the file can be relative or absolute. The bundle name and version can be anything you like.

osgi convert file path=gson-2.8.5.jar bundleName=com.mycompany.myproject bundleVersion=1.0.0

Based on the docs, you can then use your bundle in CFML. Currently this only works with Lucee, Adobe might add it for their 2020 release.

createObject( "java", "", "com.mycompany.myproject", "1.0.0" );

Converting folders

You can either use an absolute or relative location for the folder. The resurse attribute is for processing JARs in nested folders. Example:

osgi convert folder path=C:\dev\sites\abc\lib bundleName=com.mycompany.myproject bundleVersion=1.0.0 recurse=true
install commandbox-osgi

$ box install commandbox-osgi

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