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CommandBox Elastic APM

v1.0.1 CommandBox Modules

Elastic APM Module

This module adds support to enable Elastic APM on the servers you start inside CommandBox. You will need to have an APM server running and an Elastic search instance to store the data. One of the settings you'll need to provide will be the URL of the APM server to send the data to.

You can read more about how Elastic APM works here:


Install the module like so:

install commandbox-elastic-apm

Every server that starts will have the JVM args to add the elastic APM java agent.


You can configure your Elastic APM client in the server.json like so:

  "elasticAPM" : {
    "enable" : false,
    "installID" : "jar:https: //",
    "settings" : {
      "SERVICE_NAME" : "${}",
      "SERVER_URL" : "http://elk-host.local:8200",
      "USE_PATH_AS_TRANSACTION_NAME" : true      

The keys in the settings struct above would be turned into these enviroment variables for you.


The possible settings are defined by Elastic APM here:

The enable flag defaults to true and the installID defaults to a recent version of the jar. These are optional and you don't need to provide them unless you're overriding a default.

$ box install commandbox-elastic-apm

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