This module registers a cfformat command in CommandBox that can be used to format CFML components. It is called with a path directly to a component, or a path to a directory. When a directory is passed, that directory is crawled for component files, and every component found is formatted.

cfformat ./models/MyComponent.cfc
cfformat ./models/

If it is passed a component path it will, by default, print the formatted component text to the console. You can redirect this output to a new file if you wish. Alternatively you can use the --overwrite flag to overwrite the component in place instead of printing to the console.

When passed a directory, cfformat always overwrites component files in place, and so it will ask for confirmation before proceeding. Here you can use the --overwrite flag to skip this confirmation check.


To see the settings used for formatting, use the --settings flag. When that is present the cfformat command will just dump to the console the settings it will use to format, and not perform any formatting:

cfformat --settings

If you want to overwrite the default settings, you can create a JSON file with your overrides, save it in a convenient place, and set the path to it in the CommandBox config:

cfformat --settings > /path/to/settings.json
# edit those settings
# Note: the settings are merged with the defaults
# so your override file does not need to keep any
# settings that match the default settings
config set cfformat.settings=/path/to/settings.json

You can also specify a settings file to use inline when running cfformat:

cfformat path/to/my.cfc path/to/settings.json

Note: The settings printed to the console via the --settings flag are the final settings that will be used after merging together the settings sources. Warning: how settings are handled is subject to change.


Behind the scenes, cfformat makes use of the syntect library along with syntax files from Sublime Text's Packages repository to create an executable that uses the CFML syntax for Sublime Text to generate syntax scopes for component files. cfformat attempts to download this executable from GitHub when installed, or when it is updated (if necessary). If it is unable to download the executable, it should print a message to the console prompting you to download from GitHub, and indicating where to put it. If you have Rust installed, you can also build the executable yourself by running the build.cfc task runner in the root of this repository:

task run build.cfc

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