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CFWheels Template Example App

v1.2.0 CFWheels Templates

CFWheels Example App


This sample application is not a complete Content Management System, and is more of a starting point for your own applications; it aims to demonstrate some of the framework's features such as Database migrations, routing etc.


The installation process has been greatly simplyfied and now uses Commandbox, the Commandbox CFWheels-CLI module, and

Lets get started. At the Commandbox prompt type:

wheels g app name=example datasourceName=exampleh2 template=cfwheels-template-example-app --setupH2

This will install a copy of the Example App template into a directory for us. Name the application and datasource and setup the H2 datasource for our use.

Then issue:


This will install all the dependencies the application requires. These include not only runtime dependencies but also development dependencies needed to wire up the datasource.

Finally start the server:

server start

If all goes well you should see the installation verification page in the browser that opens up.


See the Wiki


  • Commandbox
  • Commandbox CFWheels-CLI module
  • Tested on Lucee 5.x / ACF 2018
  • MySQL 5.x, H2

$ box install cfwheels-template-example-app

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