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CFWheels HTMX Plugin

v1.0.4 CFWheels Plugins

CFWheels HTMX Plugin

This module adds the HTMX Request headers to the Params structure so they can be used more readily in your controllers.


Apache License, Version 2.0.


  • Lucee 5+
  • ColdFusion 9+
  • CFWheels 2+


Just drop the zip file into your plugins folder and restart your application or use the wheels cli to install

box install cfwheels-htmx-plugin


Issue a htmx request to the backend and look into the params structure for a htmx node that will have all the htmx headers set by the htmx pacakage. This makes is easier to write our controller logic to properly take the this state into account. A very common pattern is to call a controller that may return only a partial if the request is a htmx request versus returning the complete view file that would load the layout as well.

With this plugin installed you could write code like the following:

function index() {
  if (params.htmx.reqeust) {
    renderPartial(partial="myPartial", layout="false");

With this code you instruct CFWheels to load the partial without any layout if the request is a htmx request otherwise you can let the default CFWheels behaviour take over and the corresponding view would be called at the conclusion of the controller action.

$ box install cfwheels-htmx-plugin

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