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CFWheels Example App

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CFWheels Example App


This sample application is not a complete Content Management System, and is more of a starting point for your own applications; it aims to demonstrate some of the framework's features such as Database migrations, routing etc.


See Installation


See the Wiki


  • Commandbox (to run locally)
  • Tested on Lucee 5.2.7 / ACF 2016
  • MySQL 5.x


0.0.4 - 21 Nov 2020

  • Upgrades to wheels 2.2

0.0.3 - 12 Apr 2020

  • Upgrades to wheels 2.1

Breaking Changes

(Hey, we're in Alpha, get over it.)

  • Application settings now stored as serialized JSON to help with migrator bug (see cfwheels/cfwheels#871)


  • Should now run on MSSQL (thanks @18thAvenue)
  • Now installable via commandbox (install cfwheels-example-app)
  • Passwords can now no longer be part of your email address

0.0.2 - 20 Jun 2018

Second Alpha Release Note: Should run on Lucee 5 + ACF2016

Bug Fixes

  • Email Validation on User Model now doesn't have duplicate errors
  • ACF2016 Syntax fixes


  • Audit logs can now be filtered by date range via Date Range Picker JS

0.0.1 - 06 Jun 2018

Initial Alpha Release Note: this is only tested on lucee 5 at the moment.

User Management

  • Create, update & disable users
  • Assume user accounts
  • Disabled (soft deleted) users can then be deleted
  • Searchable/Filterable User Index
  • Optional User Registration
  • Email confirmation on registration


  • Users can update their own passwords / details
  • Has basic Gravatar support

Roles & Permissions

  • 3 Default roles: Admin, Editor, User
  • New roles can be added via web interface
  • Each role can have default permissions set
  • Automatic cascading Controller Based Permissions based on controller/action path
  • User Permission Overrides
  • Permissions can be altered via web interface
  • Named Permissions in addition to controller permissions


  • Tableless models used for Authentication
  • "Local" user accounts are the default
  • This app uses session based authentication, session rotation and session invalidation
  • Sets Set Cache-Control: must-re-validate for authenticated pages
  • Sets HTTPOnly attribute on Cookies
  • Simple "Remember Me" Cookie function
  • Forces users to reset password if password reset by admin


  • Passwords hashed via bCrypt (AuthenticateThis plugin)
  • Password reset feature / emails
  • Password reset can be turned off
  • Require password change on login


  • Database based configuration and settings


  • Rudimentary logging for auditing activity
  • Automatic logging of changed properties on models when specified in controller
  • Facility to skip sensitive fields from automatic changed property logging
  • Ability to store extended log data as serialized JSON
  • Log files have type, severity, message, as well as IP and authenticated user


  • Uses Database Migrations

$ box install cfwheels-example-app

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