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CFML Challenge app

v1.32.0 MVC


The CFML Challenge App is a ColdBox app that houses the CFML Challenge Module, a module built with CFML Challenge tests for you to test your CFML Skills. As the CFML Challenge Module is updated, this app will present you more challenges for you to master CFML.This app was built as on a Live Stream by Gavin Pickin and Michael Born, as a learning tool, and a way for listeners of the Modernize or Die CFML News Podcast to participate in the monthly challenge.

Install the app, box server start and start your challenge today.

Quick Installation

Using CommandBox, run these two commands to install and run the CFMLChallenge app:

  • box install
  • box server start


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  •   Michael Born
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  • 1.32.0 is the latest of 3 release(s)
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$ box install cfmlchallenge-app

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