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CommandBox command to compile CFML

Example Usage

To compile a folder src and write the compiled files into a compiled folder using lucee 5.3.5:

box cfcompile sourcePath=./src destPath=./compiled [email protected]

Suppose now that you are building a docker container, or a CFML Lambda Function you don't need the source files, and you will eliminate the time it takes Lucee to compile your CFML on the first request:

box cfcompile sourcePath=./src --overwrite [email protected]


Currently only Lucee is supported. You should always specify a CFML engine that exactly matches the version that your code will run on. This way if there are any changes to the lucee compiler in a future version you won't run into incompatibale compiled classes.

Command Arguments

sourcePathYFolder containing CFML code.
destPathNThe folder where compiled cfm/cfcs will be written. Defaults to source if not specified.
cfengineNThe version of lucee you are using, specified in commandbox cfengine format, eg: [email protected]
overwriteNPrevent prompting if source == dest

$ box install cfml-compiler

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