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A CFML wrapper for The Cat API.
Some people are dog people. Some people are cat people. This wrapper will provide the latter with cats on demand.

Feel free to use the issue tracker to report bugs or suggest improvements!


This project borrows heavily from the API frameworks built by jcberquist, such as xero-cfml and aws-cfml. Because it draws on those projects, it is also licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

Table of Contents

Quick Start

There is only one type of demo: the cat picture demo. So, here you go "Cats As A Service":

catapi = new apiKey = 'xxx' );

randomCat = catapi.getRandom().data;

writeOutput( '<img src="#randomCat.url#">' );

Reference Manual

search( required struct data )

Search and iterate through all public images. For the data arguments, see the documentation for available parameters.

searchByCategory( required any category, required struct data )

Convenience method to define a category of images to search within (i.e. only cats in sunglasses). The category argument can be a single id, a comma separated list, or an array of category ids.


Convenience method that delegates to search(), which returns a random image when no parameters are provided


Convenience method that delegates to search() and provides the mime type argument. Sometimes you just need cat gifs.


List available cat breeds and their properties


List available cat image categories and their ids, for use in other API methods

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$ box install cfcat

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