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A Widget to use that uses the jquery Tweet libary and Twitter Search API to display a list of tweets 
jquery seaofclouds URL: 
Optional ContentBox setting:
tf_title - Title of widget, default: "Twitter Updates" 
tf_loadingtext - Text when tweets are loading, default: "loading tweets..." 
tf_username - username(s) of twitter account to pull tweets from, default: "['coldbox']" tf_count - max number of tweets to display, default: 5 
tf_introtext - intro join text, default: "" 
tf_outrotext - outro join text, default: "" 
tf_jointext - join text, default: "" 
tf_autojointextdefault - auto join text default text, default: "i said," 
tf_autojointexted - auto join texted text, default: "i"
tf_autojointexting - auto join texting text, default: "i am" 
tf_autojointextreply - auto join reply text, default: "i replied to" 
tf_autojointexturl - auto join text url, default: "i am looking at" 
tf_query - twitter query to return results, ex: "from:coldbox http", default: "" 
tf_cssFile - location of the css file if you don't want to use the default, default: {widgetRoot}/tweetfeed/jquery.tweet.css 
tf_jsFile - location of the css file if you don't want to use the default, default: {widgetRoot}/tweetfeed/jquery.tweet.js 
Usage: Call the widget and place it where you want to show your tweets #cb.widget('TweedFeed',{settings={"username":["gratzc"]}})#

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Extract to your ContentBox widgets directory in the contentbox module
  • Updated to support ContentBox version 1.2.0

$ box install cbwidget-tweetfeed

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