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REST HMVC Template

v6.6.0 Public

REST HMVC Template

This template gives you the base for building RESTFul web services with ColdBox in a modular fashion. This template will create an api module with a v1 sub-module within it. It will leverage ColdBox 5 modular inherit entry points to mimic the URL resources to your modular design.

In the api/models folder you will find our Universal REST Response object that can be leveraged as your base for building RESTFul services.

+ modules_app
  + api
    + models
    + modules_app
      + v1

Implicit Methods

The base handler implements an around handler approach to provide consistency and the following actions:

  • onError - Fires whenever there is a runtime exception in any action
  • onInvalidHTTPMethod - Fires on invalid HTTP method access
  • onMissingAction - Fires on invalid missing actions on handlers

Utility Functions

We also give you some utility functions for RESTFul building:

  • onInvalidRoute - Can be used to fire of route not founds via 404
  • onExpectationFailed - Can be called when an expectation of a request fails, like invalid parameters/headers etc.
  • onAuthorizationFailure - Can be called to send a NOT Authorized status code and message.

HTTP Security

By default the base handlers leverages ColdBox method security via the this.allowedMethods structure:

this.allowedMethods = {
    "index"     : METHODS.GET,
    "get"       : METHODS.GET,
    "list"      : METHODS.GET,
    "update"    : METHODS.PUT & "," & METHODS.PATCH,
    "delete"    : METHODS.DELETE

HTTP Methods

The base handler contains a static construct called METHODS that implements basic HTTP Methods that you can use for messages and allowed methods.

    "HEAD"      : "HEAD",
    "GET"       : "GET",
    "POST"      : "POST",
    "PATCH"     : "PATCH",
    "PUT"       : "PUT",
    "DELETE"    : "DELETE"

Status Codes

The base handler contains a static construct called STATUS that implements basic HTTP status codes you can use:

    "CREATED"               : 201,
    "ACCEPTED"              : 202,
    "SUCCESS"               : 200,
    "NO_CONTENT"            : 204,
    "RESET"                 : 205,
    "PARTIAL_CONTENT"       : 206,
    "BAD_REQUEST"           : 400,
    "NOT_AUTHORIZED"        : 401,
    "NOT_FOUND"             : 404,
    "NOT_ALLOWED"           : 405,
    "NOT_ACCEPTABLE"        : 406,
    "TOO_MANY_REQUESTS"     : 429,
    "EXPECTATION_FAILED"    : 417,
    "INTERNAL_ERROR"        : 500,
    "NOT_IMPLEMENTED"       : 501


Apache License, Version 2.0.

Source Code

Quick Installation

Each application templates contains a box.json so it can leverage CommandBox for its dependencies.
Just go into each template directory and type:

box install

This will setup all the needed dependencies for each application template. You can then type:

box server start

And run the application.


"I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me (JESUS)" Jn 14:1-12


$ box install cbtemplate-rest-hmvc

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