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Quick Tailwind Inertia Template

v5.0.5 MVC

Quick Tailwind Inertia Template

Get started building a real application with Quick, cbauth, and cbguard. Power up your front end using Inertia.js, Vue, and Tailwind CSS.

Quick Installation

Each application templates contains a box.json so it can leverage CommandBox for its dependencies. Just go into each template directory and type:

box install

This will setup all the needed dependencies for each application template.

Next, edit the .env file to have the correct settings for your server.

A migration is included for a users table. Run it by typing migrate up in CommandBox.

Install the front end dependencies using Node and NPM:

npm install

Compile the assets using the provided package scripts:

npm run dev
# OR
npm run build

You can then type:

box server start

And run the application.

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  • 5.0.5 is the latest of 12 release(s)
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$ box install cbtemplate-quick-tailwind-inertia

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