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ColdBox Modern APP Template

v6.9.0 MVC

Modern Organization Template

This template is a work in progress where we are testing a different approach to ColdBox templates. Instead of having all files in the web root, this template only puts public files in the web root and thus called public.

If you are using CommandBox, everything should "just work" but if you want to run this behind IIS/Apache, etc you'll need to re-create the web server aliases that are in the server.json.


  • app - Location of the ColdBox CFML app (Handlers, config, interceptors, views, custom modules, etc.)
  • coldbox - ColdBox libs
  • lib - Java libs
  • logs - App and Server logs
  • modules - CommandBox installed ColdBox modules
  • public - Public webroot (UI assets, etc)
  • resources - Migrations, apidocs, UI source assets
  • testbox - TestBox libs
  • tests - Tests


Everything is locked down by default. Any modules you install that require UI assets will require a CommandBox web alias ( that you can provide easily in the server.json. Here are the ones we ship with:

	// We expose the cbdebugger module
	// We expose the ColdBox Exceptions UI
	// Expose TestBox for testing purposes
	// Expose Tests for testing purposes


Apache License, Version 2.0.

Source Code

Quick Installation

Each application templates contains a box.json so it can leverage CommandBox for its dependencies. Just go into each template directory and type:

box install

This will setup all the needed dependencies for each application template. You can then type:

box server start

And run the application.


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$ box install cbtemplate-modern

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