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Elixir VueJS App Template

v6.14.0 MVC

Elixir + Vuejs Template

This template leverages ColdBox and the ColdBox Elixir project for front end asset management and compilations. You can place all your static assets in the resources/assets folder and Elixir will combine, version, copy, and even babelify your code to their appropriate location in the includes folder.

Please check out the ColdBox Elixir documentation for further information:

It also leverages Vuejs for your front end framework.


Apache License, Version 2.0.

Source Code

Quick Installation

Each application templates contains a box.json so it can leverage CommandBox for its dependencies.
Just go into each template directory and type:

box install

This will setup all the needed dependencies for each application template. You can then type:

box server start

And run the application.

ColdBox Elixir Installation

You will find a package.json and a webpack.config.js in the root of this template. You can install ColdBox elixir by typing:

npm install

Then a node_modules folder will be created will all the needed dependencies for ColdBox Elixir. You can then just run npm run dev for asset combination and management for development environments. Run npm run prd so it can do minification of assets as well for production environments. Run npm run watch for starting watchers in all ColdBox convetions for changes and asset recompilation.

Vue.JS Components

The resources/js folder includes a filters and components directory where you can drop Vue.js filters and .vue components. You can then run our elixir gulp task to broswerify them into the appropriate includes file. Now get your Vue.js on!


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$ box install cbtemplate-elixir-vuejs

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