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Swagger Redoc UI for ColdBox

v1.0.1 Modules


Redoc Logo

This is the Swagger Redoc UI module for ColdBox applications. It was inspired by the cbSwaggerUI module. By default, it looks in the /cbswagger location for the OpenAPI Swagger file.

The UI is available at /redoc - where you will see a visual representation of your Swagger docs.

Redoc Screenshot

Install cbswgger-redoc (via Commandbox)

box install cbswagger-redoc

Note: Omit the box from your command, if you are already in the Commandbox interactive shell


If you just want to use this with cbSwagger, there is nothing else to configure (assuming you have cbSwagger installed.)

You can optionaly configure the following settings:


The location for the swagger JSON file you want to render.

Default: "/cbswagger"


The title of your API project.

Example ColdBox.cfc configuration:

moduleSettings = {
    cbSwaggerRedoc : {
        "swaggerFile" : "/cbswagger",
        "title" : "My Cool API"


  • Execute requests from the browser
  • Display personalized logo from x-logo
  • Basic security to limit access (possibly cbsecurity?)
  • Ability to render a static HTML page/site



  • It's time to call this module stable. It's been in production for a while now, and I'm not aware of any issues. If you find any, please open an issue on GitHub.
  • Added aditional configuration option for title.
  • Updated the redoc-try-it-out to a new community fork which is better maintained.

$ box install cbswagger-redoc

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